Tuesday, August 9, 2016

BLOOD FATHER (Directed by Jean-François Richet) ***

                                Family Ties End In Disastrous Retribution

The film is pretty lame when it comes to the first 30 minutes, when John Link’s daughter, Lydia, reunites after 14 years with her ex-con dad.  She’s a run-away from mom, and ends up with a drug cartel guy who uses her in a way that only her father can explain. A tattooist with a lonely heart buried in the bottle, his desire to discover why his daughter is so deep in danger leads to a thriller that shows off Mel Gibson’s grit, muscles and daughter-devotion that has its own deadly if not religiously lethal ending.

What you do in life comes back to hit you hard, and in Link’s loser life, it does. 
Gibson is a staunch Catholic; there are obvious reasons he accepted this role, other than wanting to be the guy that takes on the Mexican Mafia.

This film was screened at Montreal's Fantasia Festival.

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