Sunday, August 14, 2016

Saving Mr Wu (Directed by Ding Sheng) **

A Hong Kong movie star is kidnapped by four explosive criminals. The events in the film actually happened. Mr Wu actually will give a lot more money to the kidnappers if they allow the second man kidnapped victim to live. (Mr Wu arrives to find another kidnapped victim). The low-life thugs are on the verge of strangling him. 

Pretty terrifying stuff. Time is of the essence, and scenes cross jump from the time just before the abduction to the event and the final arresting of the thugs.

Shoot-outs, face-to hand violence and some amusing black comedy moments that capitalize on Mr Wu’s clever acting acumen still can’t save this film from shoddy suspense tricks.


             We can all guess the predictable ending that gives away the title. 
              Maybe, this Chinese film needs some of its own saving. 
                (screened at the 2016 New York Asian Film Festival)

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