Monday, August 15, 2016

The Bacchus Lady (Directed by E J-yong) *****

  A killer film delicately done with heavy truths


This South Korean film introduces sixty-five-year-old So-young who serviced Korean soldiers during the war. She had a baby and gave him up for adoption – told in the narrative – but this highly compassionate woman who hangs out in the park to earn money turning old tricks ends up being an angel of death.

 She also ends up taking care of a Philippine boy whose mother is in prison. It happens quickly that the boy falls into her hands literally, and her immediate care – for a time at least. 
The ugly truths about how South Korea more or less deletes elderly from its system offers a revealing look into a sorry situation that triumphs with character brilliance and the deeply touching plight of those who wish to die. 
They find their answer in the Bacchus lady. 

The ending is sad indeed.  The slow pace offers a compelling reality whose film finale is anything but predictable or uplifting.

Receiving many Official Selections at various prestigious film festivals, it won best film and best actress accolades at Montréal’s 2016 Fantasia Film Festival.


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