Sunday, August 28, 2016

SWAYING WATERLILY (Directed by Seren Yüce) ***

 A disturbing comment on modern Turkish family malaise
A couple in their forties live in an upscale apartment with their daughter who is flirting with anorexia, and her ten-year-old boy friend.


The couple is no longer in love, and each is searching for ways to break the tedium of their seemingly purposeless lives.
 They are friends with a couple who are laid back and obviously close. The female is a writer and is enjoying some success, but jealously sets in with her richer female friend,  She tries her own hand at writing, entertains the idea of starting a cafe with her friend, who clearly is not interested.

Things are just wrong. The film immerses us so realistically into the lives of this unfortunate family who can’t move out of their stagnant loveless lives. Outside of Istanbul, its premiere international screening was at the Montreal World Film  Festival.

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