Thursday, July 4, 2019


Concert Review
July 4th, Salle Wilfred Laurier, Place des Arts

It was a spectacular sound and light show with all the fury and fabulous fuzzy sounds one would expect from Alan Parson's intricate engineering and compositions colliding and intercepting in a confluence of appealing melodies. The seven musicians were beyond compare; the vocals were outstanding -- as exciting as the instrumentation. 

The brilliant band: lead singer, P.J. Olsson, guitarist Jeff Kollman, keyboardist, Dan Tracey, bass guitarist, Guy Erez, vocalist and saxophonist, Todd Cooper, drummer, Donny Thompson Sonic sensations -- each and everyone of them.

The opening number off his  latest album, "Secrets" referenced the galaxy. Indeed the entire concert seemed to reflect endless time and the mystery of it all.
"Time forever, time gone. Time is flowing like a river. Who knows where we shall meet again?" This was a line from one song , and it seemed to be the poignant anthem for the concert.
 Parsons sang three songs. His child-like voice is soft and gentle as are the lyrics. He sang about no regrets,  love and  the confluence of lives with time flowing as heard in  Miracles -- a track on   "Secrets".
Limelight gave us the copiously powerful vocals with  these emboldening lyrics: 
"Nothing's gonna change my mind, Limelight shining on me, telling the world who I am ".
 One loudly brash song offered this defiant lyric: "I wouldn't care what you do; I wouldn't want to be you." There is a pugnacious punch in many of his instrumental arrangements and in the lyrics too.
Parsons, himself was loudly bolstered by the instrumental collective saxophone, bassist,  three guitars, drums, and keyboard -- all plugged in and super loud. 
One stunning instrumental featured ghoulish flavours and vibrational sound effects.  It seemed to emulate the cacophony and chaos of the world. It was mesmerizing and the crowd went nuts at the end.
One of the two lead singers sung a moving song whose lyrics resonated with everyone:: "If it's getting hard to face everyday, don't let it show; though it's getting hard to take what they say, just let it go."
 The band played non-stop for over well over an hour. the stamina and musical prowess of the artists awesomely engaged us with the signature sounds that  can only be made by the great Alan Parsons. I wish the lyrics had been up on a super, as often the instruments drowned out many lyrics. I also wish Parsons had enlightened the audience more about his new album. Sadly when the members of the band were introduced at various times, it was very difficult to hear their names. The instrumentals were overstated but the talking was very understated. Still, it was a gorgeous cluster of Parson's signature sounds whose intricate compositions hold their own secrets that only geniuses can unravel.
Parsons is a quiet man; his music is where we hear  speaks and the whole world hears.

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