Tuesday, July 23, 2019

 THE PURITY OF VENGEANCE (Directed by Christoffer Boe) *****

     A great plot based on one of the worst moments in Danish history the sterilization of women considered to be troubled, defective and then some. It happened in the early 20thcentury and ended by government decree in 1967. The plot puts two unlikely partners together, one Muslim – the other born in Denmark. The tall Muslim partner is about to be promoted and it would seem his partner does not care. Their names are Carl and Assad. When they encounter a gruesome scene of four skeletons, trapped behind a wall -- all seated at a table with jars holding some of their innards a huge can of worms are opened and the story opens on past events that slowly reveal the true story about how these skeletons got there. Based on the best-selling novel this film, the highest-grossing in Denmark’s history shows an ugly side to the Scandinavian state hailed as a modern-day utopia by most. It’s a skeleton that has come out of this country’s closet –so to speak.

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