Sunday, November 20, 2016

MADAME B, STORY OF A NORTH KOREAN (Directed by Jero Yun) **

Despite the incredible fortitude of this North Korean woman who the smuggles people out of North Korea, and ends up with two husbands – one in China to whom she is sold when she first left North Korea in furtive circumstances; the other her first husband with whom she has two sons, and for whom she gives up her Chinese husband to live with her now being estranged husband in South Korea, this messy documentary is so badly edited and utterly confusing in following her movements from Korea and China. 

The viewer is left in longing to figure out the labyrinth in which Madame B lived as she juggled so many twists in her peripatetic life. What an amazing experience in one life plagued with an obsession to be with her sons and reunite with her Chinese husband. This unique film was screened at RIDM.

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