Friday, November 25, 2016


                                                         MissedManners: My litany of  complaints
It’s a sign of our selfish times that people simply ignore the niceties of politeness and consideration; and it starts right before you leave your personal dwelling. Please ladies, stop wearing perfume that overcomes anyone sitting in the movie theatre. Have you ever noticed how  many women think it wise to douse themselves with strong and outdated perfume? It's a stale stench that seems to waft over the entire seating area. Bad enough you have to deal with noisy popcorn eaters and candyphiles with their annoying wrappers. Why do they think, the slower they open the package the quieter it will be? In fact, it just prolongs the earshot agony.

Latecomers to movie theatres think nothing about trampling over you once the movie has started. Even people that arrive on time find it beneath them to say "excuse me" as they step on your feet, passing in front of you to get a seat.

Bus passengers are another bone of contention for me. How about applying some common courtesy – in the form of deodorant?!  It's simply disgusting to sit near a person radiating B.O. instead of a smile. 

Speaking of foul smelling people, smokers reek of stale smoke. I think they should relegate a section in the bus for smokers, so us non-smokers can breathe in ease.

As for sidewalk behaviour, please stop riding your bike on sidewalks that are meant for walking. Even the handicapped speed along  in their nifty vehicles on the sidewalk thinking it's their right to run you over. True, they've been dealt a bad deal, but making me lose a leg out of their anger, is not kindly justice. Sometimes, they come up from behind; there is no bell - nothing to warn you of their speedy approach.

I know everything I say is politically incorrect, or risky, but the truth is, I'm not alone in these complaints. My close friends often greet me with  ominous announcements about the perils they encountered in traveling to my place by public transport.

Courtesy shows class, and class shows consideration, and consideration shows civility – the very foundation upon which we all rely to move without incidence from one place to another on a daily basis.

Now don’t get me started on drivers!


  1. So true! Should be at home and in schools.

  2. Thank you Sylvain for this. I know you told me this etiquette should be taught at home and in schools. Youa re so right. Too bad kindness and a sense of decorum is not.